My Story

I’m a finance guy with a simple purpose — to help you gain more control over your finances.

I understand that “out-of-control feeling” because I grew up in a house where financial mistakes were made, and an overall fear of finances was the norm.

Ironically, while in school, I discovered that I had a head for numbers. That led me to become a CPA, get a Masters Degree in Tax and work for one of the largest accounting firms in the world.

Today, my purpose is not to work for large companies. Instead, I am offering my financial expertise and knowledge to guide you right here.

With all the passion I have for everything that has to do with personal finances, I can help you conquer your fears and overcome the obstacles that prevent you from living the life you want. Having walked in your shoes, I can tell you that being empowered and in control is attainable — as well as a really awesome feeling.


© 2018 Israel Husarsky